Shelter Dogs  

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

Zorro can still stab your heart with one eye!


Zorro came into the shelter with his left eye in very rough shape! It was infected, badly hurt, and he was unlikely to ever regain vision in it again. Despite his eye troubles, Zorro was still a sweetheart and took his daily medications for pain and infection without any fuss at all. His real personality didn't fully come out until after his enucleation surgery (a procedure to remove his diseased eye). After the removal of his left eye, his true lovebug emerged! He purrs up a storm and demands love and attention whenever you're around. He's now happy, healthy, and has already been adopted to his forever home. He may look like he's constantly winking at you to keep a secret, but his loving personality is no secret at all! {back}