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Xena the Phoenix!



When the family home caught fire, Xena’s owner was quick to gather her many pets and get to safety. Unfortunately, Xena, a 1-year-old female grey tabby cat, was left behind. Exposed to toxic levels of smoke, Xena was unconscious when she was rescued and brought to the SPCA of Tompkins County for emergency care from our shelter medicine faculty and staff.

Xena suffered brain trauma from carbon monoxide poisoning in the fire. At first she was blind and unable to move, but still purred every time she was petted. After several days of care, Xena regained mobility and vision. Although the fire singed her whiskers and fur, she did not have any serious burns. Within a week Xena was on her feet and ready to go home. Her owner reports that she is getting stronger every day and is happy to be in their new house. {back}