Shelter Dogs  

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

Wonder the Dog

Wonder Pic 2Wonder is an older boy who showed up at a local shelter with his fair share of problems. He had matted fur and horrible teeth and the doggy breath that goes with them. He also had a great attitude, so one of our first goals was to clean them. When he was anesthetized for the procedure, a closer look revealed that his lower jaw had an old, chronic fracture. Rather than do a risky surgery involving plating the jaw and bone graphs, in collaboration with a board certified denist, we decided that it would be best for Wonder and his jaw to heal the old fashioned way, on his own. Unfortunately, a recheck x-ray showed that his fracture was not healing as quickly as we had hoped, but his attitude and pain level was much improved. He could eat canned food just fine, and didn’t resent being touched.

He was such a friendly little guy that we couldn’t keep him off of the adoption floor. Currently, Wonder has been adopted and is happy as can be! {back}