Shelter Dogs  

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

Wishful Winkerton

Mr. Winkerton is certainly wishful that he will soon be in his forever home.  This super cute kitten came into a local shelter with an abnormality of his left eye, Winkerton Pic Secondary Pageknown as microphthalmia. Microphthalmia, or an abnormally small globe, can be the result of a congenital defect, an injury, or the sequela of an infectious pathogen.  Although this kitten had literally “seen” better days, his sweet and playful mannerisms proved to everyone that he was one carefree kitty.

After a full exam, a shelter veterinarian removed the affected eye to prevent further complications associated with this condition.  Mr. Winkerton is now free of discomfort and healing beautifully.  He will soon be placed into a foster home for about one week until he has made a full recovery.  Foster homes are fantastic outlets for animals to recover and heal in. They offer a peaceful environment, free from loud noises and other stressors that often accompany a shelter setting.  Once Mr. Winkton has fully recovered, he will be put up for adoption to spend his days cuddling and chasing toy mice with his new family. {back}