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Whiskers the Cat

Whiskers Pic

Whiskers, a young adult male domestic longhair cat, had a very painful eye when he was brought to the SPCA of Tompkins County by field officers.  Whiskers was living with his owner in temporary housing, as they had both fallen on hard times.  He had a cataract in his right eye that was likely caused by previous trauma, and the eye was blind, infected, and uncomfortable for him on a daily basis.  In his "before" picture, he's keeping the eye mostly closed due to discomfort.  Whisker's owner was unable to afford treatment, but Dr. Erin Henry of the Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program surgically removed the affected eye and neutered him.  Even a day after surgery, Whiskers already seemed more comfortable.  After a few days of pain medications and hospitalization, Whiskers returned to his owner to live his life as a happy, handsome, one-eyed cat. {Back}