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The Three Little Kittens

Although these three kittens have not lost their mittens, they are in need of a safe and loving environment outside of the shelter. Animals less than 8 weeks of age are especially susceptible to disease pathogens encountered in animal shelters because their immune systems are not yet fully developed. At the same time, this age is a critical period for proper socialization. Fostering outside of the shelter is a great stepping stone for shelter animals, especially until they are old enough to be put up for adoption.  Typically, kittens are fostered until they are 8 weeks old and adopted anywhere from 8-10 weeks of age.  The perks of going to a foster home can be significant, building a new foundation for the animal’s overall behavior and welfare, while keeping them free from shelter pathogens.  3 little kittens

Milkshake, Fiona and Opal are three kittens who were brought into a local shelter.  A dedicated foster home has agreed to care for them until they are 8 weeks of age. The foster parent will ensure each kitten is continuing to grow and develop socially.  Every two weeks, the kittens will go back to the shelter for a checkup that will include a series of vaccinations and de-wormer treatments.  Once the kittens are 8 weeks old, they will return to the shelter to be spayed and neutered. Soon there after, these cuddle buddies will go up for adoption and find their forever home.