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Sugar Ray gnaws nicely

Sugar Ray, a dashing young domestic shorthair, came into the SPCA of Tompkins County significantly underweight and showingSugar Ray
signs of hair loss along the top of his nose. An oral exam revealed a fractured canine tooth, which luckily did not slow him down in terms of eating. Although trauma was the suspected cause of his abnormal exam findings, a ringworm culture was taken on Sugar Ray as a precautionary test for this highly contagious dermatophyte. While waiting for the culture results, Sugar Ray took the opportunity to put on some weight before going to surgery to be neutered.

Many shelters do not have the resources to provide any kind of dental work to the animals prior to adoption. But thankfully, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell has equipment to provide this service to the SPCA of Tompkins County. So after the culture showed that Sugar Ray did not have ringworm, he was taken to surgery. Along with being neutered, he had a dental scaling, and dental x-rays of his fractured tooth. Surprisingly it showed a metal object lodged in his chin area along with a remaining tooth root. The object appeared shrapnel-like, which corresponded to the suspicion of trauma when he first came in. His tooth root was surgically extracted, but the location of the object made removal too risky for creating further damage. Overall, Sugar Ray has healed well, and is affectionately waiting for a new home.
                                                                                              Sugar Rays shrapnel