Shelter Dogs  

Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell


snowflake picSnowflake was an adult, female unspayed Bichon Frise who was surrendered to the TSPCA after being diagnosed with a pyometra (severe infection of the uterus). Snowflake was hypothermic with a huge white blood cell count on presentation, and required emergency surgery. A therapeutic spay was performed late on a Friday night to remove the infected uterus, and Snowflake recovered well with intensive post-operative care and monitoring. Several weeks later, another surgery was performed to treat her periodontal disease, and remove several diseased teeth. Snowflake recovered 100% after her second procedure, without any complications. An affectionate, cuddly, beautiful girl, she quickly became the darling of the shelter. Snowflake was placed into a new home shortly after being placed up for adoption, where she continues to sparkle and shine! {back}