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Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

Sally the "Broken" Beagle

When Sally arrived at a local shelter, she immediately had the attention of all the staff at the rescue center. She was a very beautiful, young beagle who seemed sweet and calm tempered with the staff. Although a very nice dog, it became apparent that Sally’s right-hind limb was troublesome when staff saw her holding it up and bearing no weight on it when walking. She cried if anyone attempted to touch the leg and it seemed very painful.  After a full exam, it was clear that Sally needed radiographs to figure out exactly what was wrong with her leg.

Sally was brought to Cornell University’s Hospital for Animals (CUHA), where radiographs were performed. What was found stumped everyone – there were no fractures seen or other obvious reasons that this sweet girl would be so painful!  It was determined that Sally could be suffering from an old soft tissue injury, so the new plan was to work on making her leg muscles function correctly again. Sally was given pain medications and a few days later she was brought back to CUHA to work with the team in the Sports and Rehabilitative Medicine department. The medical staff at the shelter received a list of three exercises that would be beneficial for Sally to help loosen up her contracted muscles. At a later date, she then would be brought back to CUHA to use the underwater treadmill.

It is thought that Sally will make an excellent recovery after physical therapy. Sure enough, in a week’s time, she showed an amazing improvement and even put weight on her injured leg while going for walks. Sally is going to be placed in foster care for two weeks to ensure that all of her exercises are complete. Soon, Sally will be up for adoption and anyone would be lucky to have this sweet beagle become a part of their family. 

Sally with student

A veterinary student at Cornell holding Sally during her in-take exam

Sally, Maddie, Student

A visiting veterinary student from the Atlantic Veterinary College and Sally hanging out with the Maddie mascot from Maddie's Fund