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Long live the Queen

QueenThe frantic call came after hours on a Friday night; a stray cat was queening and in distress. Tompkins County Animal Control, a division of the Tompkins County SPCA, was dispatched to pick up the distressed animal and bring her to the SPCA rescue center for assessment.
The on call veterinarians from Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program rushed to the rescue center where they met Queen Amidala, a beautiful grey and black tabby who had previously given birth to two kittens but was now in distress and not progressing in the delivery of a third. The veterinary team quickly diagnosed dystocia (abnormal or difficult delivery) and determined that the third kitten was non-vital and lodged in the birth canal. Queen Amidala’s situation was life-threatening and required immediate surgical intervention. The veterinary team provided emergency supportive care, freed the kitten from the birth canal, and spayed Queen Amidala to prevent any chance of a subsequent dystocia. Though her situation was precarious and her outcome uncertain, Queen Amidala’s fighting spirit, and the care provided by the shelter and veterinary staff, saw her through the surgery and subsequent recovery.
Thanks to the rapid and coordinated response of Maddie’s® Shelter Medicine Program and Tompkins County Animal Control, Queen Amidala’s journey continues at the Tompkins County SPCA. Now that she is feeling better, her lively and curious personality has emerged, winning her many friends and loyal subjects along the way. She is gaining strength and becoming more regal by the day and is looking forward to meeting her future owners once her recovery is complete! {back}