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Maddie's® Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell

P. Kitty gets his swagger back

P. KittyDespite obvious injuries, P. Kitty purred as a doctor evaluated him in the bright Cornell CUHA ER -- as if he knew his good fortune. In a stroke of luck, he apparently walked away from a run-in with a vehicle with only a bloody nose, a few scratches, and an injured hind-leg dragging behind him.

Thanks to the Good Samaritan who found him, P. Kitty received prompt veterinary attention at Cornell, and then the SPCA of Tompkins County. X-rays of his injured leg revealed multiple severe fractures- one in his hip joint, and one in the middle of his thigh.

In another stroke of luck, a collaborative program between Cornell surgeons, the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program, and the SPCA allowed him to receive extensive surgery to save his leg. The surgery involved removing his damaged hip and placing a plate across the fracture in his thigh. Two fourth year students took primary responsibility for his care.

Following the surgery, P. Kitty recovered smoothly and regained his swagger in no time. He is currently looking for a new home to bestow his luck upon. {back}