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Maddie's Sparkle

Maddie Pic 2Maddie came into a local shelter in poor condition. She was unable to stand, incredibly thin, and most of her hair had fallen out. She appeared to have been ill for quite some time, and as it turned out, required emergency surgery. Maddie's uterus had become so infected that when she laid on her back, you could follow the outline of two large mounds in her abdomen. She needed to be spayed quickly, but there was concern with her debilitated condition and whether she would make it through surgery. Another question was her age, since her prior medical history documented her at seventeen-years-old. Although Maddie was in rough shape, she had a glint in her eye that made the staff want to proceed.

On a Friday evening she was taken to surgery during which she was remarkably stable. Her recovery, however, was touch and go for days as she struggled to maintain her body temperature, walk, and eat. But thanks to the dedicated doctors and medical staff, she grew stronger. Less than a week after surgery, Maddie was howling to get out of her cage. One of the staff members became so enamored by her strong will and crazy hair-do that she decided to take her home. She now lives with a rat terrier who shares the same ravenous appetite and excitement for treats. Maddie prances around like a puppy these days debunking her prior history of being 17 years of age. {back}