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Kringle's Happy Ending

Kringle2Kringle was found a few weeks ago by a private rescue group after being hit by a car.  He was taken to a veterinary clinic for x-rays where they found a tibial fracture of his left hind leg. Repairing it was beyond the resources for the rescue group, so they reached out to the SPCA of Tompkin’s County for help for this young and very sweet orange tomcat. Through the SPCA of Tompkin’s County, Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell University was able to take him to surgery. With many privately owned animals, there is the option of repairing the leg with a variety of hardware such as pins and plates. However, for most shelters the cost of equipment for orthopedic surgery is a financial burden far beyond the means of the shelter. So in most cases the leg is amputated. As shocking as that may sound, animals can recover very quickly and be completely mobile in no time, particularly when dealing with a hind leg. So with that in mind, Kringle’s leg was amputated and he is recovering happily in foster care. He will be available for adoption through the SPCA of Tompkin’s County once he has made a full recovery. Kringle is a great example of how strong analgesics and collaboration can save the life of a young, loving feline friend. {Back}