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Felix the Cat

Felix the catFelix, a 1-year-old male domestic shorthair cat, came to a local shelter after being observed wandering around a neighborhood for about one week. His primary medical concern on arrival was a right hind limb lameness that was due to a recent fracture of his right femur. Felix also had an ear mite infestation, as well as fleas, but was otherwise healthy. He was treated for ear mites and fleas, and was given an oral de-worming medication.

After his stray hold, Felix was neutered and his leg was evaluated under anesthesia. On further evaluation, it was determined that the fracture was fairly stable and well aligned.  The fracture had a significant fibrous callous giving him enough stability to be able to use the leg while he was awake. Given the state of his fractured limb, it was determined that Felix would live in a foster home for 3 to 4 weeks to allow more time for his fracture to heal. Fortunately, cats tend to heal well from fractures, especially in Felix’s case because it did not involve a joint. Ultimately it will not affect the length of his leg. Felix has fully healed and regained normal function of his leg.

Despite having an injured limb, he still wants to play and craves attention. He will surely make a wonderful pet. He is currently available from foster care.