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Barley the Chihuahua

Elvis DogBarley, an adult male chihuahua, was surrendered to the TSPCA with a draining infection in his left hind leg. Physical exam indicated that both of his hind legs were severely abnormal, owing to a prior traumatic injury that was not properly treated. Surgery was performed to place a drain in Barley's leg, to help the infection clear itself out. Unfortunately, after the drain was removed, the infection came back.  

Barley was taken to Cornell University for radiographs, to make sure that the infection was not involving the bone. Radiographs revealed a chronic malunion fracture of his leg, where the bones healed together, but not in the appropriate way. Radiographs also revealed that his pelvis had been fractured in several places some time ago, but had since healed back together. Luckily for Barley, no evidence of infection was found in his bone.

Barley was taken in for a second surgery to address his infection. While the tissues were being explored, an old piece of very large suture was discovered, which was most likely the source of the infection. The suture had been in his leg for months or longer, and it is not clear what purpose it originally served. Once the suture was removed and another drain placed, Barley's' leg healed with minimal effort! {Back}