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Ajax New Lease on Life

Ajax Pic 2Cornell’s Shelter Medicine club is the most active student run club at the Veterinary College. Members of the club are first and second year students who gain hands-on experience working with animals at a local shelter by performing physicals, running diagnostics and writing treatment plans.

In mid September, a domestic short-haired grey kitten named Ajax and a second year student were introduced to each other at one of these clinics.  Ajax had been brought into the shelter malnourished and in a lot of pain. Together, the student and a shelter med intern performed a thorough physical exam and found discharge coming from sores that were associated with most of his joints. They provided care, submitted bloodwork, and created a plan for managing his recovery including pain medications and antibiotics.  On labwork, Ajax  was diagnosed with mycoplasma, a bacteria affecting red blood cells and causing infections.  After five days of treatment, Ajax was in high spirits once again. The student was so touched by this experience that she offered to foster him back to full recovery.  Ajax now has a new lease on life, and the student has gained new clinical knowledge.  Another win-win for Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program!

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